How to Make a Correcting Entry in Dynamics GP

Posted by Paul Morris on April 12, 2018

Today I'm going to show you how to make a back out and correcting journal entry. Let's say, for example, that you created an entry, and you accidentally posted it to the wrong period. There's a process where we can automatically reverse and create a corrected entry for that. If we go to financial transactions and general, bring up our transaction entry window, we have a correct icon up here. I'm going to click that. I have two choices here. I can make a back out entry to reverse the entry, or I can make a back out and correcting entry.

Here I'm going to choose my year, and I'm going to put in my original journal entry number, click okay. It automatically populates the window with my original posting date, a reference stating I'm going to back out this entry. It automatically fills in my debits, and my credits and amounts. They are reversed from my original entry. Now I need to save this to a batch. Once I hit save here, it automatically populates my correcting entry. Again, my debits and credits are billed under the amounts. All I have to do here is change the dates and click save. Now in that correct batch I have two entries, one to reverse and one to correct the original entry.