Azure Hosting

Microsoft Dynamics in the Cloud with Azure

Microsoft Dynamics and Azure

What is Azure?

Azure is Microsoft’s hosting platform for delivering the solutions you need in a cloud based model. Azure is flexible and scalable, so you only pay for the functionality you need know, while secure in the knowledge that as your cloud needs grow, you are on a platform that will grow with you.

What are the Benefits of Hosting Microsoft Dynamics on Azure?


Faster Deployment

By moving your Dynamics GP or Dynamics SL installation to Azure, you don’t have to worry about maintaining infrastructure or configuring hardware. This means fast set-up, and an easier upgrade path. Hot fixes and patches are streamlined as well.


The ability to deliver backup and restore procedures is one of the major values businesses hope to gain by adopting cloud solutions.  Moving to an Azure environment will give you the full benefit of having automated back-ups that you do not need to worry about.

No need to maintain a separate database

Beyond just removing the hardware, moving your Dynamics database to an Azure environment also frees up your IT resources. Without the need to maintain a server environment for Dynamics, your resources can focus on mission critical tasks as opposed to monitoring and trouble shooting your ERP database.

Minimize Downtime

On-Premise software means you are reliant on a single server. With Azure, your Dynamics GP or Dynamics SL data is distributed across multiple servers throughout Microsoft’s massive eco-system. This provides a layer of redundancy that keeps your deployment running in any type of situation.


Keeping your financial data off your servers and in a secure environment may mean the difference between a costly audit to show compliance vs. handing an auditor a compliance certificate from Microsoft. And in todays ever-changing security landscape, new requirements are pushed down to businesses often. Azure can ease that worry by providing a clear separation between your financial data and other data that your business stores.

Getting Started With Microsoft Dynamics and Azure

If you would like more information on hosting Microsoft Dynamics in the cloud with Azure or if you have an existing deployment you want to migrate to Azure, please contact us. We will walk you through the options available to you, and help you make the right decision.