Professional Services

Streamline operations to enhance profitability

Today, most professional services firms recognize that project management is the most important factor in establishing themselves as a successful firm. But how do you manage your clients, their expectations and your staff engagements to achieve this? 

Intellitec Solutions helps Professional Service Organizations by delivering powerful software solutions that support the need for efficient project management. We deliver project, financial, and customer relationship management (CRM) solutions that help implement and streamline practice management, sales and marketing, and service delivery processes. We assist PSOs in meeting customer demands by:

  • Extending existing Microsoft technology investments to simplify business operations, thus helping professionals to concentrate on their core service-oriented responsibilities and revenue generation
  • Using familiar Microsoft Office user interface and built-in integration to applications already used every day (including Microsoft Excel®, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint)
  • Helping to automate critical business functions to enhance productivity and decrease costs
  • Providing unified views of customer information to improve revenue generation, customer service, and project management
  • Providing scalable, “right size” technology tools—neither too costly and complex, nor too limited to fulfil the organization’s needs
  • Readily allowing for customization to meet industry-specific and/or business-specific needs, using industry standards
  • Customization can be tailored by information workers to meet their specific needs without IT staff involvement

Intellitec Solutions helps PSOs respond to customer needs, nurture and develop their talent, interact economically and effectively, and comply with changing regulations. To help you compete both locally and globally, we help you gain insight into and streamline business processes, and deliver information when and where it is needed.