ERP that works with Netsmart Vision

Intellitec Solutions has built key integrations between Microsoft Dynamics GP and Netsmart Vision® , as part of our “best of breed approach”. This allows you to get the superior clinical management package you need without sacrificing the financial and reporting power you need. 

We streamline the flow of information from Vision records into your financial system so you have a comprehensive solution to track and report your financial reporting and compliance efforts. We give you freedom and functionality without sacrificing any control. 

We support over 400 sites that utilize Dynamics GP and Netsmart. Let us put our deep understanding and industry expertise to work for you.

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ERP that works with Netsmart Vision

Best in class ERP tailored to work with Vision

Featured Case Study

Established Long Term Care facility updates financials with Microsoft Dynamics GP

UMH ran a custom solution to handle their accounting needs for many years. Made the decision to migrate to Microsoft Dynamics GP to handle key accounting and intercompany requirements

“ Moving from our highly customized, home-grown accounting program, we wanted an out-of-the-box system with as little”

– Shane McGuire, VP of Finance

Standard Vision Monthly Revenue Import

This integration brings the monthly revenue information from Vision into Dynamics GP.  This eliminates manual input and ensures the posting and classifications are consistent with the data structures, departments, locations, etc. with Vision and GP

Daily Cash Receipts

This integration groups Vision deposits and imports them into Dynamics GP.  Since the GP cash is constantly updated this saves the client time and eliminates manually keeping track of their cash position in Excel, duplicate cash entry and coordinates all cash management functions in GP. IT provides a real time accurate cash position without keeping external information in Excel. Time is also saved by simplifying the monthly bank reconciliation process.  This save the client time (eliminates redundant data entry) and supports an improved and more efficient reconciliation process in GP rather than using Excel.

Census information 

Import census information from Excel into Dynamics GP.  Working with Intellitec, you then have the ability produce metrics and reports to provide timely and meaningful information to location and department managers.  Revenue per bed, cost per meal and other metrics can be monitored and timely corrective action taken as required

Financial Statement Drill Down  

This allows you to easily view the underlying Vision revenue transactions. From within GP inquiry screens your finance team can click a button called “Vision Details” which launches a report that identifies the details of the underlying transactions that make up the total in GP.  This is very helpful when reviewing the financial information in GP and more detail is needed.  Rather than switch over to Vision and try to look up the detailed information, this button provides these details with just one click.


An integration system created by Intellitec Solutions, ProcureLink offer procure-to-pay automation which allows for bi-directional sharing of accounts payable transactional data accessible by your accountants as well as your DSSI users. ProcureLink offers the ability to:

  • Import DSSI invoices and credit memos, known in the DSSI system as the “AP Feed”
  • Export payments made against the AP Feed documents from Dynamics GP back to DSSI known  as “Payment Remittance”
  • Export non-DSSI vendors from Dynamics GP into DSSI to support Budget Control operations in DSSI
  • Export non-DSSI transactional activity from Dynamics GP into DSSI to create Budget Control information