Long Term Care

Financial management solution pre-configured and optimized for the Long Term Care industry

Intellitec Solutions offers turnkey solutions for senior living communities who want seamless accounting, clinical and business management without compromising any of the financial power they need. Instead of limiting capabilities with an all-in-one system, we empower you to choose the robust systems you want and enable your technology, data and people to efficiently work together as one.

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Whatever your business need is, whatever your role is, whatever your current accounting software is, we have solutions tailored for you. Intellitec has proudly helped more than 400 Long-Term Care facilities grow, thrive and succeed. You’ll appreciate the expertise and support from our award-winning team of CPAs, MBAs and certified Microsoft technicians who understand your business and speak your language.

We provide the tools and ERP framework that can help your organization connect systems and implement practices and procedures that are the foundation for achieving and maintaining regulatory compliance

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ERP solutions tailored to the unique needs of Senior Living facilities

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Long Term Care

Featured Case Study

Senior Living Community Replaces Outdated Systems and
Increases Efficiency

Disjointed clinical systems and extensive manual calculations were making simple financial functions a chore. A parallel financial and clinical implementation significantly cut time and expenses and…

“ Intellitec had the experience that assured us that they understood how to maximize the benefits from separate financial”

– Dianna Winters, Controller

Better Accounting

Long-Term Care facilities face a number of challenges from meeting the demands of regulatory agencies to finding innovative ways to stand out in a competitive marketplace. Executives and company stakeholders rely on transparent financial insight to make the best decisions on behalf of their residents and employees, while strategizing organizational growth, measuring performance and improving profit.

We offer a turnkey, fully integrated financial solution exclusively designed to manage one or multiple LTC facilities and communities. We leverage the power and reliability of Microsoft Dynamics GP and Intacct to completely customize hundreds of features, templates, tools and reports for your industry. We understand you need to streamline your accounting processes and enhance companywide visibility, analytics and business intelligence.

What makes our solutions so valuable is our unique ability to integrate your financial management with Microsoft Office and SharePoint, as well as your clinical data and third-party programs. We strive to provide an end-to-end business solution backed by our award-winning team of CPAs, MBAs and certified technical specialists.


  • Customized financial solution for LTC facilities without the custom cost
  • Expansive analytics and reporting capabilities
  • Centralized accounting, clinical and business management
  • Tailored features, workflows, tools, dashboards and reports
  • Choice of deployment and licensing options – on-site, cloud or hybrid
  • Intellitec industry expertise and support by CPAs, MBAs and certified Microsoft specialists


Integrate with Clinical

Many Long-Term Care facilities and Senior Living Communities use independent systems to manage clinical, accounting, documents, HR, and payroll. We give you an industry-specific configured solution built on Intacct or Microsoft Dynamics GP that gives the ability to integrate any data from your other clinical or third-party systems. You deserve a comprehensive business management solution that doesn’t force you to compromise on any functionality or efficiency. Intellitec has helped more than 400 LTC facilities streamline operations, automate processes and improve insight.

  • Seamless integration of accounting with other programs and systems
  • Automate time-consuming tasks between systems
  • Expand reporting capabilities leveraging any information
  • Improve staff efficiency and productivity
  • Reduce costly errors from duplicate entry


Automated Reporting

One of the biggest drivers in a search for new accounting software is the need for better reporting capabilities. Managing multiple facilities and the continuum of care for your residents means you’ve got a lot of information out there spread across different departments, different programs and different locations. The result is too many spreadsheets and canned reports that simply can’t provide your people the information they need how they need to see it.

What if you could completely customize your reports to include nearly any information you can think of and have what you need in just a couple of clicks? Intellitec specializes in automating all aspects of financial reporting for long-term care organizations, but we know your reporting needs span all areas of operations. Maybe you need a report for your cost per pound of laundry by facility or productivity of nursing staff by campus. Just bring us your wish list.

We provide numerous built-in reports and templates specifically for LTC facilities. We also leverage advanced tools to extract information from a variety of data sources and programs to build custom reports around your specific requirements. The best part is we can also implement easy-to-use reporting tools that allow staff the freedom to create reports on the fly.


Business Intelligence

A financial solution wouldn’t be complete without the ability to leverage your information to make impactful decisions for your organization. Working with Intellitec gives executives, management and company stakeholders an array of integrated business intelligence tools. We’ll help you establish your key performance indicators (KPIs) and design custom dashboards, charts and reports to give you a real-time view of how your business is performing on all levels. What use to take days or weeks to accomplish now takes a few seconds. You’ll be able to view, analyze and measure your company’s performance against any criteria you choose. This allows you to proactively spot potential problems before they occur and determine the best course of action based on factual data.


Document Control

Effective document management is a key enabler to running an efficient and profitable LTC organization. On a daily basis, your business can generate a large amount of documentation, both paper and electronic. It can get out of control very quickly resulting in lost information, inaccurate data and costly problems.

We utilize technology which gives you instant integration with Microsoft Excel and SharePoint. We can help you centralize and secure all of your documentation across systems and setup a web-based portal to give your staff around-the-clock access to the information they need. No more searching multiple programs to find documents.

  • Custom reports and templates specifically for LTC facilities
  • Expand insight across financial, HR, procurement, nursing, dining, housekeeping and more
  • Drill down to transactional details
  • Monitor cash flow on a daily basis
  • Timely and consolidated financial statements
  • Point-and-click access to all of your reports in one spot
  • Ability to easily create your own reports
    • Automated business intelligence tools
    • Establish KPIs and easily measure against any criteria
    • Monitor cash flow and performance on a daily basis
    • Access dashboards, charts/graphs and reports in seconds
    • Gain actionable intelligence to make better decisions based on facts
    • Proactively spot potential problems
    • Organize, access, share and secure your paper trail across all systems and locations
    • Easily search files based on any information you know
    • Increase security with user or role-based permissions
    • Simplify compliance and audits
    • Reduce paper costs and storage
    • Quickly publish notifications and information to employees
    • Improve productivity across the organization