Support your customers needs while driving down costs

Intellitec Solutions can help distributors ability to meet their customers demands by integrating inventory management solutions and customer specific requests with accounting, warehousing and procurement applications. These solutions also help lower the cost of operations by enabling distributors to lower inventory, reduce obsolete inventory and significantly improve customer satisfaction.

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95% reduction in order processing times

Consistent growth & company restructuring split financial processes and strained inflexible system. Multi-pronged technology solutions addresses all of To-Jo's requirements and provides…

“ We have effectively eliminated almost all of our paper files. Not only did it save us from having to buy expensive”

– Don Slesinski, CFO

We help distributors in meeting customer demands and profitability goals by helping to:

  • Manage manufacture promotions
  • Streamline business systems that help
  • Allow distributors to significantly increase volume without increasing the size of the building or staff
  • Deliver real time reports, and alerts, to management and retailers on the status of critical business status 
  • Increase flexibility of systems to:
  • Efficiently Deliver on Customer demands such as specific packaging, marking and shipping requirements
  • Implement customer specific technology and reporting requests
  • Quickly customize business reports required to make decisions required for improved business performance 
  • Create accurate demand forecasting models that lower inventory and improve customer service
  • Speed critical answers to customers with low cost, easy to implement web based systems
  • Deliver business-wide reports to understand where savings can be found and customers are being serviced most effectively
  • Improve customer support by effectively tracking and monitoring customer needs and requests

Working together, we can help you support new business practices, shrink inventory and inventory management costs, respond quickly to customers and comply with their changing demands. We help achieve real-time visibility across the global supply chain and deliver customer focused solutions that help you grow your business and set it apart from the competition.