Manage costs, streamline projects, track materials

Intellitec Solutions helps contractors manage costs and business processes efficiently by delivering powerful software solutions. Intellitec Solutions tailors solutions that help contractors implement optimal business processes that streamline project, materials, and service management. We help contractors improve management, profitability, risk mitigation, and owner satisfaction through:

  • Developing and implementing new key business processes, while maintaining and improving successful, existing business processes, to help enhance profitability through productivity
  • Helping to provide more accurate and timely financial and accounting information to improve management decision-making, risk management, and record keeping
  • Providing unified CRM data and other customer information to improve bidding strategies, customer service, and project management
  • Enhancing estimating and sales efforts through integrated applications
  • Improving communications between on-site personnel and management at the corporate office to enhance project responsiveness through better organizational awareness 
  • Enhancing existing Microsoft technology investments, thus enabling professionals to concentrate on their key business responsibilities, rather than time-consuming, inefficient business processes and software interfacing problems
  • Providing scalable, “right size” software packages that can grow with contractors’ evolving needs—neither too costly and complex, nor too limited to fulfill a company’s needs
  • Readily allowing for customization to meet industry-specific and/or business-specific needs, within industry standards
  • Offering a strong central platform that will fully integrate with other critical Microsoft applications such as Microsoft Office Excel®, while also interfacing with applications from other manufacturers
  • Reducing the redundant data entry inherent with non-integrated systems, by consolidating data storage into a single, integrated database

We help contractors improve key business processes to increase profitability, develop their talent, communicate effectively within their organization and with clients, and comply with changing regulations. To help contractors compete locally and beyond, Intellitec Solutions can help them better understand and streamline business processes, and deliver information when and where it is needed.