Extend the Functionality of Microsoft CRM

Make your solution work even better with these add-ons designed to work Dynamics CRM and Dynamics 365 Sales

Click Dimensions


Email Marketing and Marketing Automation for Microsoft Dynamics CRM empowers marketers to generate and qualify high quality leads while providing sales the ability to prioritize the best leads and opportunities. Providing Email Marketing, Web Tracking, Lead Scoring, Social Discovery, Form Capture, Surveys, Landing Pages, Nurture Marketing, Subscription Management, Campaign Tracking and more, ClickDimensions allows organizations to discover who is interested in their products, quantify their level of interest and take the appropriate actions.


Peak Engagement


Easy to set-up, affordable, and intuitive to use, Peak Portals gives you the ability to creat a web portal solution that interfaces directly to your CRM database. The portal reflects the company brand and is equipped with features that fit the company’s needs. The solution is easy to set-up, intuitive to use and affordable for any business.


Power Objects


Power Objects offers a variety of add-ons for Dyanmics CRM and Dynamics 365 that allowe you to extend the functionality of your system. These inexpensive add-ons allow you to simplify many manual tasks, as well as integrate with otehr business solutions you use