How we work

Move your business forward with our strategic approach

At Intellitec Solutions, we add expertise and in-depth experience to every client engagement

No matter where your pain points occur – analyzing systems, evaluating new software releases, training users or providing help desk support – Intellitec’s team applies the right resources to relieve them.

Our strategic approach has been designed to maximize efficiency and business insights. Our team of seasoned professionals provides value-added expertise every step of the way.

Follow the roadmap guaranteed get you through any rough patches, and on to a business that runs smoothly.

Drill down to the root of your problem

No matter how flexible, software can’t solve all your problems. Our consultants work with you to ask the tough questions that unveil the underlying issues inhibiting your growth. From identifying your needs, to designing and implementing the system, to supporting new employees, we are ready to support you at every stage of your system’s lifecycle.

Proven methodology

  1. Needs Analysis – Identifying critical success factors
    We analyze your current system and processes to outline requirements, define critical success factors, cost parameters, and schedules.
  2. Implementation Design – Innovative solutions to your unique problems
    With your needs defined, we design the custom reports, software solutions, and modules that will drive your system.
  3. Execution and Project Management – Ensuring quality and budget
    We match your project with leaders that understand your industry and your problems. Project manager monitor quality control and issue status reports to keep your project on time and budget.
  4. Data Migration, Integration & Custom Development – Merging the old with the new
    As we convert your legacy data to the new system, we provide automated or manual integration of key systems to ensure your data’s integrity is in tact. Custom applications are developed to enhance your system’s functionality.
  5. Training and Mentoring – helping you know and love your system
    You can maximize the effectiveness of your system when are familiar with its capabilities. You will receive on-site support during early stages of live processing.
  6. On-going Support – Keeping your system running at its best
    As you dive deeper into your new system, you’ll need support from time to time. We provide on-site and live remote support to help your current and new team members.

Engaging Intellitec Solutions