Kline Process Systems

Selecting the right partner made for smooth upgrade

Utilized Microsoft Dynamics SL for years, but felt existing partner was lacking

When I call Intellitec Solutions, I always get an answer the same day, which gives me a great comfort level

— Jean Miller,

Client Profile

Headquartered in Reading, PA, Kline Process Systems (KPS) provides innovative process control solutions and information systems to manufacturing and processing facilities. The firm employs more than 20 engineers and has a fully certified mechanical installation team.

Business Challenge

For years, KPS used Microsoft Dynamics SL for their business management needs. To stay current and productive, KPS knew they needed to upgrade to a current version Microsoft Dynamics SL. However, they were unhappy with their partner, and as such, they were uncertain how an upgrade would proceed.

Technology Solution

KPS understood the importance of selecting a trusted partner with in-depth knowledge of Dynamics SL to perform the upgrade. Their previous upgrade was far from a “smooth” experience due to inadequate training provided by a partner lacking strong knowledge of the product.

“That [the training] was the biggest problem in the last upgrade,” says Jean Miller of KPS. During the upgrade, staff looked to their previous partner for support, which also proved to be a challenge. “When I had a problem that needed attention, I would call our partner, and it would take several days to get an answer,” Miller recalls. “Things would be put on hold, which would have a ripple effect, creating a back log of work.”

So when the time came to upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics SL 2011, KPS knew they needed to find a partner who knew the latest version of SL inside and out. After meeting with Intellitec Solutions, it was clear to KPS that Intellitec fit the bill for performing the upgrade.

Intellitec Impact

But extensive knowledge of Dynamics SL was just one part of the equation. The great partnership is also attributed to Intellitec’s ability to understand the firm’s unique needs, as well as the ability to provide excellent training. The successful upgrade, combined with better training from Intellitec, has greatly reduced support-related calls for KPS. When KPS staff members do have questions regarding new functionality in Dynamics SL 2011, the firm reports wonderful service from Intellitec. “Now, when I call Intellitec Solutions, I always get an answer the same day, which gives me a great comfort level” says Miller. “I never leave for the day without knowing the status of an issue.”