CPA Firm

Trusted CPA firm streamlines tax return process

After evaluating industry specific tools for tracing work processes, they decided to engage Intellitec for a custom solution

Installing Microsoft CRM was the best thing this firm has done from an efficiency standpoint in many years

Client Profile

A Tax and Audit firm that has been working with clients for over 3 decades. They have assisted their clients with a vareity of tax and wealth advisory service, and have a solid reputation as a leader in tax plannign and compliance

Business Challenge

An established and respected Accounting firm did not have an automated way to track the status of client tax returns in progress. There were written quality control and preparation procedures detailing steps to be taken, by whom, and how each step in the process should be performed. But there was no ability to track the efficiency of the overall process or the individual tax preparers

Technology Solution

A CPA firm had difficulty keeping track of tax returns as the paperwork progressed through the firms work flow. A return would be dropped off, and the documents would be worked on by various accountants depending on the nature of the return and an individual’s availability. Due to the manual procedures, there was little ability for managers to assess the efficiency of the process, or to identify where bottle necks were occurring. When a client called to inquire the status of a return, there was no way to quickly locate a return or determine how far along in the process it was; employees would have to manually track down files or ask around to find out who was currently working on it.

Intellitec Solutions worked with them to map their business process, then built custom entities in Microsoft CRM that would allow them to track each step of their internal processes for completing tax returns for their clients. Adding these custom entities gave them the ability to time stamp documents as they were received, and assign them to personnel who had worked on the returns the previous years. Microsoft CRM’s automated workflows were configured so that as each step in the tax return process was completed, the next step was automatically generated. This allowed easy management view to track productivity, and allowed easy access to see what stage a particular return was in should a question arise.

Prior to using Microsoft CRM, lots of manual effort was required to document which preparer had a return. Now the system is fully automated allowing the staff’s admin personnel to focus on more critical tasks. Once a return was completed, the system could save the data on who prepared the returns for historical and reporting purposes, and to create client reminder letters for the next year

Intellitec Impact

Tax returns are checked in and time-stamped, and management can now analyze and fine-tune their processes where needed where needed to increase efficiency. The status of any return in production can be viewed instantly .

Key Benefits

  • Custom Reports: Custom reports allow tracking of staff productivity.
  • Better Data Analysis: The ability to compare tasks complete year to date against previous years allows management insight into efficiencies and backlog
  • Integration with Word and Excel: Easy to export client data into Excel spreadsheets and Word templates for mailings.
  • Better Staff Communication: Automated workflows allow staff the ability to see which team members they need to work with on a particular task.
  • Outlook Integration: synchronize e-mails, tasks and calendar items between Microsoft CRM  and Outlook

Today, Intellitec Solutions continues to work wit the firm, training new staff and adding new functionality to Microsoft CRM as the firms use of the solution grows. The results have been an enormous success.