What best of breed ERP delivers for Long-Term Care facilities – Accounts Payable

Posted by Tom Rogers on October 9, 2017

Many Long-Term Care facilities prefer to use independent clinical and accounting programs over all-in-one packaged solutions for a number of reasons – more functionality, better reporting and lower costs to name a few. Here are a few things you can gain by going with a best of breed accounting solutions

Do you have the need to pay one voucher or invoice across multiple entities?    

In many cases, all-in-one solutions will require a user have Admin rights for to do this. This can make it difficult if you have many accounting users that need that functionality.     Best of breed solutions will allow a user to process transactions at the top level and pay bills across entities from one entity.

Do you need to scan invoices/vouchers and attach them to a record?    

Our solutions will allow a user to attach documents to most tables and transaction screens.  In the case where transactions follow through a workflow, the attachment will follow or be available through a hyperlink. Most all-in-one solutions do not allow this.

Approval options available in Accounts Payable

By working with Intellitec, you will have a value based approval process for printing checks.  In the event there is a requirement for an approval workflow for AP Bills, the workflow is configured in the Purchasing module and then updates Accounts Payable.

Reports distributed by email      

While most all-in-solutions will allow this, it can be a difficult and confusing task. Our solutions allow for reports to easily be distributed by email.  When Vendors and Employees are paid, there is an option to email the Vendor and Employee notifying them of the payment.

How to handle Sales Tax              

All-in-one solutions do not provide the ability to setup rates per jurisdiction to calculate track and remit sales tax. While 3rd parties may fill this in for you – it will require custom integration. Our solutions provide three options to configure Sales tax, specific to your needs.