Real World Stories of How Intellitec Delivers Better ERP for LTC - #1

Posted by Tom Rogers on December 5, 2017

For senior care facilities, delivering a compassionate and attentive level of service in a cost-effective and efficient manner requires the support of a strong technology infrastructure. Intellitec Solutions delivers integrated accounting, clinical and business management solutions without compromising any of the financial power you need.

This series of blog posts looks at the 6 key ways Intellitec has helped senior living facilities handle their unique accounting requirements. While no 2 facilities are alike, we are confident you will hear stories quite similar to yours in this series.

Intellitec Solutions helps Senior Living Community Replaces Outdated Systems and Increases Efficiency

 “Before” Situation:

  • Outdated financial and clinical management systems.
  • Prior systems required extensive manual calculations, including inter-company allocations and multi-company consolidations done outside of the system in Excel.
  • Across its 28 growing divisions it required:
    • increased efficiency,
    • greater transparency and
    • enhanced financial analysis capabilities

Given a replacement of both the financial and clinical systems, the evaluation team considered both combined financial/clinical and best-of-breed systems.

“After” Situation:

  • Financials were up and running in the first month without a hitch.
  • Time savings added up from a multitude of simplified tasks
    • Month end close shortened by 1 to 2 days.
    • Completing 990 tax returns questionnaires, which previously took weeks of data collection, budget allocations and manual reporting, now takes hours.
    • Adding new GL accounts, which used to be a painfully slow process, is now fast and simple.
    • Bank reconciliation has gone from 4 days to 2 hours.
    • Time savings through automatic approvals and accruals for payables saves time at every step.
    • Financials are more accurate, reflecting actual liabilities allocated to the proper accounts.

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Many consulting organizations can implement financial and accounting systems. However, there are few, if any, that can match Intellitec’s depth of experience in the long-term care community including serving over 450 facilities as clients. Once you have had a chance to read all our success stories, contact us to find out what we can do for you