Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 Has Been Released

Posted by Tom Rogers on December 1, 2017

Microsoft announced today that Dynamics GP 2018 has been released, on the schedule that Microsoft had promised a couple of months ago. As expected, there are many enhancements from suggestions made by users, which in turn should make for a better user experience.

We are taking a full look at this new functionality, and can assist you with any questions about what it means for you and your environment, and what is the best path forward. We typically recommend that companies wait a few months after the product release to upgrade, which will allow time for any bugs to be discovered and patched, as well as give your ISV’s time to make adjustments.

Below is a partial listing of some of the new functionality:

Power "Suite" Evolution

  • Support Paging, Filtering and OData V4.
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP Power BI Content Pack.

Comprehensive Doc Attach

  • Check out the windows were document attach was added.
  • You can now view and modify attachments in inquiry windows.
  • Drill back capability from Transnational information.

User Experience

  • New sort options on many windows giving the user easier access to find information.
  • No more annoying prompts for the System password!
  • No more arguing is it check or cheque?  It is PAYMENTS.
  • Better user experience when using web client with Autocomplete, SmartList and Bank Reconciliation.
  • SmartList Favorites with unique password protection.
  • There is a new Fabrikam Day.

For a full list of all the new features and how they impact you, contact us for an analysis.