Create and maintain your budgets and statistical ledgers in Excel, then upload them to Dynamics SL.

No need to generate, schedule, or distribute internal reports. XLstatements allows you to leverage the power of what you already use by allowing you to create and maintain budgets in Excel

Dynamics SL financial reporting from within Microsoft Excel



Installs in just minutes

  • Shared Excel add-in
  • One SQL script

Easy to learn and use

  • Leverage your knowledge of Excel
  • Use Excel shortcuts to create financial reports

Modular Security model

  • Allows hiding transaction detail by the combination of user, company, and module
  • Uses Dynamics SL Access Rights control

Compartmental Security model

  • Prevents users from seeing any data they shouldn't
  • Use masks and/or lists to allow viewing balances and transactions by combinations of company, ledger, account, and subaccount.
  • Maintained using an Excel sheet (copy/paste, search/replace, etc.)
  • Shared workbooks will have different information depending on who opens them
XLstatements integrates with…

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