Get more value from your Microsoft Dynamics SL with tools that automate processes, increase efficiency, and eliminate manual errors

Software tools that removes much of the manual work of data integrations and conversions, and provides an audit trail of the changes

Change, merge, and reformat accounts, sub-accounts



Your business has changed; is your structure beginning to show its age?  NexVue's tools enables you to safely change over 40 key fields in your Microsoft Dynamics SL database.  Change one account or sub-account, or redesign the entire chart of accounts from top to bottom.

Enter changes directly into a spreadsheet-like grid or read from an ASCII file, then perform a global update of the entire Microsoft Dynamics SL database.  Security is controlled through Dynamics SL’s password maintenance screen and only the system administrator can process batches.  A permanent cumulative audit trail is printed and maintained on the system.

NexVue integrates with…

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