Closing the gap between marketing and sales = better leads, shorter sales cycle, & increased revenue

Marketing application almost entirely embedded within Dynamics 365, providing email marketing, web intelligence, lead scoring, campaign automation, nurture marketing, social discovery, form capture, surveys and more

Marketing Automation has the ability to transform the way you do business. Done correctly, it allows you to identify new leads faster, create alerts on existing opportunities, and build follow up campaigns to prospects and clients that will help ensure new opportunities are not missed.

We can help

We use the power of ClickDimensions to build marketing automation solutions for our clients. We give you the ability to have easy an intuitive tools to create email marketing, web analytics, automated nurture programs, lead scoring, social discovery, event management, campaign tracking, and web forms. And since ClickDimensions works inside Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Dynamics 365, there is not need to build separate integrations.

Think you don't need Marketing Automation? Think again

Many businesses today think Marketing Automation is too expensive and cumbersome, or can be handled manually through their CRM solution. But in today's competitive landscape, you need to you use all the tools you can to stay ahead. That is why we offer easy and affordable solutions that can fit your budget, and give you the insight you need

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By using ClickDimensions, your organization will be able to:

  • Discover who is interested in your products and services
  • Quantify your prospects’ level of interest
  • Take the right actions at the right time
  • Prioritize leads and opportunities
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