Dynamic Budgets

Expand the budgeting functionality of your Microsoft Dynamics GP systems

Powerful budgeting made easy for Dynamics GP, with the flexibility to design unique column sets, mixing and matching data entry, reporting, and calculation columns in whatever order suits an organization.

3 styles of data entry forms



Budgeting Dashboard where one can start from an overview listing of the account in your department, assessing Total Amount Budgeted, Locked Status, Edit Status, Approval Status, Last Edited (user & date), and also the Comments and Attachments of each account. Here, a client can apply the account number to enter their itemized budget requests in the account details screen.

Basic Budget Entry form was developed for organizations with simpler needs. The interface shows the account number and its description, a fixed 12 months for data entry, with additional data comparisons optionally displayed on the right. This screen allows users to quickly key in, or copy and paste, monthly values for their accounts or enter annual amounts and assigning spread methods. Clients have the option to enter itemized budget assumptions or admin designated accounts needing detailed entry.

Custom Budget Entry which gives an administrator the flexibility to design their own column set while sorting data entry, reporting, and calculating columns in whichever order suits the organizations. Clients can build easy four-column forms, featuring Next Year’s budget, This Year’s Budget, Variance and Variance %.,Declining Budget or Remaining to Spend forecast screens, or simultaneous experiences capturing the next year’s budget as well as the current year’s re-forecast.

Dynamic Budgets
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