Binary Stream

Allows Microsoft Dynamics GP users to manage any number of corporate entities within a single company database.

Consolidated data in one database, giving users the ability to save time and gain powerful insight into corporate performance even in complex fast-growing multi-company environments

Easy-to-setup, easy-to-learn, and easy-to-use



Built right within Microsoft Dynamics GP and available on-premise or in the Cloud, Binarys Streams Multi-Entity Management simplifies complex business processes

  • Closing period-end financials takes far less time and is far more accurate. Easily produce government and tax reports including 1099s and W2s.
  • Workflow for intercompany transactions is automated with the due-to due-from transactions created and posted on the GL of the destination entity with full audit trail capabilities.
  • Huge efficiency gains are within your grasp by centralizing key business processes such as AP, AR, and payroll. Send one check to each vendor on behalf of all companies. Bill from a corporate head office and fulfill stock from a branch office. Process payroll for the entire company from a central cash account.
  • Visibility into corporate performance across all of your business units becomes clearer than ever before. Generate real-time consolidated reports without the need for spreadsheets or an external reporting system.
  • Management of growth becomes far more cost effective. Add companies to your accounting system without adding IT overhead costs. Backing up databases, upgrading systems, updating master records across entities take a fraction of the time when everything is on one database, instead of 10, 100, or even 1000 databases.
Binary Stream
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