About Us

We implement software solutions to improve financial or customer relationship management

We help companies in diverse industries choose and implement software solutions to improve financial or customer relationship management.

Laser-sharp focus on understanding your needs

Effective solutions don’t come out of the box. Our consultants roll up their sleeves and get involved, asking you the right questions until we’ve covered all the details and uncovered potential pitfalls.

Once we fully understand the accounting challenges you face, we provide an honest, thorough assessment of your technology options. We back up best-in-class software solutions with responsive customer support and effective training options.

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How we work

Featured Case Study

95% reduction in order processing times

Consistent growth & company restructuring split financial processes and strained inflexible system. Multi-pronged technology solutions addresses all of To-Jo's requirements and provides…

“ We have effectively eliminated almost all of our paper files. Not only did it save us from having to buy expensive”

– Don Slesinski, CFO

Accounting foundation helps us dig deeper into problems you face

Our tenured team is comprised of CPAs, certified consultants, and senior business management professionals. We not only understand the technology best practices, but the accounting challenges at the root of your problem.

In-house accounting expertise is bolstered by our parent company, Master Sidlow & Associates, who provides specialized insights that make complex projects even more successful.

Trust and honesty are paramount – so ask us anything

Delivering unparalleled service and intelligent technology solutions requires an unbiased approach. We build trust by opening the lines of communication, providing unfiltered answers to company problems, and encouraging clients to ask us the tough questions.

This open, honest policy has helped us build strong business relationships that last beyond the scope of the project.

Improving business productivity since 1986

Intellitec Solutions is a leading Microsoft Dynamics Partner and Intacct Business Partner strategically located along the influential business corridor between Washington and Philadelphia.

Our expertise in the field has earned us several awards and certifications from Microsoft, Intacct, and other industry organizations.