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To-Jo Mushrooms
Distributor cuts order processing time
Dogfish Head Craft Brewery
microbrewer sees explosive growth
Tray-Pak Corporation
CRM solution accommodates growth
management group handles complex needs
Institute of World Politics
streamlines accounting and reduces IT costs with Intacct


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Welcome AFS Clients

In order to better answer your questions and provide you with information, we have prepared this FAQ Document.


Who is Intellitec Solutions?


Intellitec Solutions is a leading Microsoft Dynamics Partner strategically located along the influential business corridor between Washington and Philadelphia. Since 1986, we have conducted thousands of engagements helping companies in diverse industries choose and implement software solutions to improve financial or customer relationship management. Our solutions include Microsoft Dynamics SL, Microsoft Dynamics GP, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

We contribute to the success of our clients through unparalleled service and intelligent technology solutions. Our goal is to earn our clients’ trust and build lasting business relationships. Our policy is open, honest communication. That’s how we earn trust.

On February 18, 2013, AFS announced a transfer agreement under which Intellitec Solutions will assume all responsibility for supporting AFS’s clients who use the Microsoft Dynamics software product.


What Services can I expect from Intellitec?

  • Phone Support
  • On-Site Visits to answer technical or application questions
  • Onsite assistance with installing service packs
  • Training
  • Custom report development
  • Suggestions to improve your business process, reduce duplication of entry and ways to share or integrate your information with other systems.
  • Site Visits or webinars to inform you of product improvements
  • Customized Procedure Manuals
  • Third Party developed products that add to the base functionality of Dynamics
  • Assistance with maintenance plan renewals, ordering compatible forms and access to Customer Source.
  • Upgrades

How will you access my historical information ?

We have transferred all company and contact information from AFS into our Back Office and Help Desk Applications. This includes information about your company such as the version of software and service pack that you are running. This has allowed us to be more responsive to your needs when you call in for support..


How and who will I contact for Dynamics Support?

Please direct all technical support requests to our central help desk at 866-504-4357, or by contacting us at support@intellitecsolutions.com. You can also visit our support page to create a request. There will be no disruption in the speed or efficiency of our services with this change.  In addition to our dedicated technical support team, the former AFS technicians will also be available when needed.  We would appreciate it if you do not contact individual technicians directly, as they may not always be available.


What address should I use for contacting Intellitec?

While we have satellite offices, our main operations are in Wilmington, DE.  Please remit all information, work authorization, payments, etc. to our Wilmington address:

Intellitec Solutions, LLC

2002 W. 14th Street

Wilmington, DE 19806


How do I schedule a site visit?

Call Intellitec Solutions to request a consultant. We will then enter your information into our database, and e-mail you a Work Order Template for you to sign.  Your signature and return fax will allow us to easily schedule a consultant to your site in a time that is mutually convenient.

How often can I expect to hear from Intellitec?

We take our communication with our clients very seriously.  Our role is to provide you with valuable timely information that you will need to make informed business decisions. To do this, we:

  • Send Client Newsletters
  • On an Annual basis, contact you related to your Microsoft Maintenance Plan Renewal and to review how you are using the system.
  • Send invitations to webinars to leverage your Microsoft Investment.
  • Invitations to the Intellitec sponsored Dynamics User Group Meetings – a meeting with other users to share information and learn how to use Dynamics more effectively
  • Regularly contact our clients to make sure their systems are operating efficiently, to communicate any new pertinent information, and to answer any questions you have.


I have direct support from Microsoft – How will this be affected? 

There will be no change to the way that you access Microsoft support.  As was the case with AFS, every time you contact Microsoft, they will send Intellitec Solutions an email indicating the nature of your service call.  This is helpful in the event that we need to dispatch someone to your site.  Our consultants will be able to review this information and come up to speed quickly to resolve your situation.


How often will I receive an Invoice?

We have completed the consolidation of our billing practices to a uniform manner.  Intellitec Solutions is on a weekly billing cycle for all services, so your invoices will also be sent on that schedule.


Contact us for more information about Intellitec Solutions.