Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft CRM allows you to share client information across your organization

Fully integrated CRM solution gives you a 360-degree view of customer relationships, creating actionable sales leads and improving effectiveness. Sales, Marketing and Customer relations blended together.

Microsoft CRM is easy to use

  • Simple, intuitive look and feel your people are already know
  • Allows users to communicate easily
  • Flexible set-up that adjusts to the way you do business, as opposed to the other way around

Works the Way You Do

  • Microsoft Outlook becomes your central database for all your interactions
  • Accessed from within Outlook
  • Best integration with Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM

The right partner makes a difference

See it in action.

Featured Case Study

Leader in thermoform packaging accommodates growth with flexible CRM solution

An expert in thermoforming and package design needed a more robust solution to replace their existing sales and customer support tracking system

“ Having sales information integrated across the company makes us a more valuable business partner to our customers”

Works the Way Your Business Does

◾Configuration that allows you to set-up CRM to accommodate your business workflows. No need for you to adjust to software limitations

◾Easily configurable automation to allow notifications to team members

◾Workflow automation that streamlines business processes and eliminates time-consuming tasks

Works with your Technology

◾Hosted, Cloud, or On-Premise, you choose the model that works best

◾Simple and fast integration to your ERP and other software